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Polar Bear Crochet Animal, Stuffed Toy, Baby Shower & First Birthday Gift - SaiGonDoll

    Polar Bear Crochet Animal, Stuffed Toy, Baby Shower & First Birthday Gift

    • 100% Handmade
    • Material: Red Heart Super Saver from USA
    • Weight: 130 grams
    • Size: 8 x 10.75 x 4.5 inches
    • Free Shipping to Worldwide

    SaiGonDoll wool products are made entirely by hand

    Safety for the health of your baby. 

    Suitable as gifts for young children, infants and full months, cradles. 

    For young children, wool animals like close friends can go out together, watch TV, read books and sleep together. In addition, the lines are meticulous and sure, ensuring the product is not damaged after long use. 

    Stuffed cotton wool is made of soft cotton wool, not ruffled when baby plays long,

    easy to wash, dry. The product is very safe with babies and infants. 

    Products such as a close friend of the children, to help children freely express their feelings, feelings. The process of communicating with animals helps to develop language skills from the early years. In addition, during play, the baby has a chance to become stronger. 

    SaiGonDoll toys are diverse, fun, colorful

    The story of PIOTR The Polar Bear:

    Piotr landed the job of his dreams straight out of university. His career as a computer

    games tester has gone from strength to strength, fuelled by a fast-food diet that is

    delivered straight to his door. He works from the luxury of his attic in a modest house

    where the heating is on full-blast all year round, for he really feels the cold. Piotr is kept

    blindingly white due to his utter aversion to sunshine and not often finding a need to

    venture out into it. He is one of the best at what he does and is turning the heads that

    matter, but despite this bear’s dedication to his work he still finds time to call his

    grandma every other day and check how warm her feet are.

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