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Gac Oil Export - Momordica Cochinchinensis - Bigger Capsule - 90/240 Capsules - Saigonmade

    Gac Oil Export - Momordica Cochinchinensis - Bigger Capsule - 90/240 Capsules

    • Box of 30 Capsules
    • Brand: Vinaga
    • Made in Vietnam



    Gac oil export VINAGA: a closed bottle of 30 tablets, the capsule is bigger; dose for adults with only one / day. Our products mainly export.




    Pure Gac oil, containing Beta-carotene 150 mg% (15.1 times higher than carrots), lycopene (68 times higher than tomatoes), Vitamin E (Alphatocopherol 12mg%), many vegetable oil such as Oleic 14.4 %, Linoleic 14.7%, Stearic 7.69%, Palmatic 33.38% ... and other essential nutrients for human body.




    VINAGA is a functional food for prevention and treatment of diseases:

    Prevention and treatment of dry eye treatment, blurred vision, nutritional anemia.

    Increases resistance against infections.

    Prevention and treatment of vitamin treatment, malnourished children, help children to develop their body and overall health.

    Prevention and treatment of darkening skin treatment, acne, dry skin, rash. Effective skin care, skin protection, help skin always rosy, fresh and smooth. Prevention and treatment of hair loss.

    Anti-aging and youth preservation

    Prevention and treatment of DNA damage in cases of contaminated toxic dioxin or other cases using food contain gain weight, plant protection drugs do not break out or the chemicals in the security of agricultural products... Cancer patients after surgery, radiation, chemicals, steroids ...: Gac oil helps to quickly restore health and prevent the risk of cancer.

    Prevention and treatment of diabetes treatment, help lower blood cholesterol.

    Make heal wounds, burns, ulcers. Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.

    A number of U.S. studies published recently show that the compounds of beta-carotene, lycopene, Vitamin E ... in gac oil works to disable 75% of the carcinogens in general, especially breast cancer.

    Customers of VINAGA Gac Oil capsules:

    Children: vitamin A supplementation, anti-rickets, malnutrition

    Pupils and students: preventing myopia, bright eyes

    Women: beautiful skin, cancer prevention

    The middle-aged: increased resistance, disease prevention, anti-aging




    For diseases prevention, micronutrient supplementation, health promotion: Each day take 1 capsule.

    For mothers during pregnancy, to prevent vitamin, anemia, and micronutrient nutrition deficiency: Each day take 1 capsule.

    For those with hepatitis, cirrhosis, or at risk of developing liver cancer, cancer patients after treatment with chemicals or radiation ... Each day take 3 capsules or more as indicated doctor treatment.

    For skin care, prevention and treatment of skin disease for women: take 1 capsule daily or use on lips, face up in the evening daily.

    Each course takes at least from 40 to 60 days. Courses separated by 7 days.




    Three (3) years from the date of manufacture.

    Visa: 6341/2007/YT - CNTC




    Keep in dry, cool place. Protect from light and high temperature> 30 C

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