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TranMuU Python Fat 15ml (Skin Medicines) Burns, Furuncle, Scalds, Dermatitis - Saigonmade

    TranMuU Python Fat 15ml (Skin Medicines) Burns, Furuncle, Scalds, Dermatitis

    • Package: 15ml
    • Brand: Duoc Quang Minh
    • Made in Vietnam

    TranMuu is a combination formula of python fat, vitamin E Acetate and poon oil. Poon Oil is extracted from the seed of calophyllum inophyllum, which has been using as a classical treatment in Viet Nam and in many countries around the pacific ocean: Taihiti,Polynesia, Fifi... The Poon oil is indicated on healing wound, ulcers burn, blister, sunburn dry skin, pimple, furunculosis, dermatoses. polynesia women use poon oilas a natural cosmetic skin care. Now, the modern medicine reports : poon oil containes

    03 kinds of antibiotics with lacton circle : 6-desoxyjacareubin, jacareubin and calophyllum B-those antibiotics can inhibite S.aureus, P.aeruginosa, B.subtibis, S.typhymurium, K.pneumoniae. Poon oil also contains a non-steroid anti-nftammatory action. By side the Poon oil can stimulant to form the new tissue, accelerate wound healding, very effective in nature.

    -Vitamine E acetate : a strong antioxydant agent, it is very good for skin care.

    -Python fat has been using a long time in popular for treatment of burns, makingsoft and fine skin,


    Composition :100ml


    Oil of Poon: 89.6ml


    Python Fat: 10.0ml


    Viatamin E acetate: 0.5g



    Treatment of burns, furuncle, scalds, dermatitis, ulcer skin, impaired wound healing.


    Dosage & administration:

    A thin-film of medicine should be applied to completely cover the burns or the affected skin areas, 1-2 times daily. Or ask your physician for advice.




    External use only, avoid for oral.

    Sensitive reaction to many of the component of product.



    Store at dry and cool place ( below 3o° C ), keep away from light.

    Expiration date: 60 months from the manufactured date.

    Specification Manufacturer

    Keep away from children

    Read the instruction carefully before using

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