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Trung Nguyen LEGEND COFFEE - The Coffee For True Happiness And Prosperity - Saigonmade

    Trung Nguyen LEGEND COFFEE - The Coffee For True Happiness And Prosperity

    • Box of 225g
    • Brand: Trung Nguyen
    • Made in Vietnam

    Legend Coffee is an extraordinary concoction of treasured and rare Weasel coffee. With its smooth aroma, distinct taste and exceptional flavors, this is truly an unmatched cup €“ incomparable to any other coffee you have ever tasted. A prized brew, borne of a place where people and nature work together in tranquility, amidst the great Central Highlands of Vietnam.
    €œSavoring Legend coffee will bring to mind the kind of thoughts and ideals of the great legends who once ruled this world. Find the hidden strength within you to create legends of your own.€�
    Legend €“ The Precious Sword Presented to the Champion.
    Quality: Quality of product according to Vietnam Standard TCVN: Moisture ‰¤ 5%, Caffeine concentrations ‰¥ 1%.
    User Guide: - Add 03 tablespoons (about 20g) of ground coffee to the filter.
    - Shake well and tuck inside the lid lightly pressed.
    - Pour 20 ml of pure hot water, the best temperature is 96°C to 100°C to moisten and swell the coffee.
    - Fill the chamber with 45 ml hot water.
    - Usage with milk and sugar as you taste.
    Preservation: Keep in cool, dry places and tightly closed.
    Expiry date: 2 years

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