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OB Fresh Lotus Leaf Extracted Helps Reduce Fat, Fatty Liver, Insomnia, Stress - Saigonmade

    OB Fresh Lotus Leaf Extracted Helps Reduce Fat, Fatty Liver, Insomnia, Stress

    • Box of 75 grams
    • Nhat Minh Green Technology
    • Exclusive Distributor: Grow Green AZ



    Material: 100% fresh lotus leaf.

    Main active ingredients in 5g fresh lotus leaf: 132 mg Flavonoid



    People with high blood fat, fatty liver.

    People with high blood pressure.

    Insomnia, stress due to stress

    People with diabetes.

    Obese people.



    Reduce blood fat

    Reduces atherosclerosis and protects the cardiovascular system

    Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure caused by dyslipidemia.

    Reduce obesity and support weight loss

    Glucose stabilization, good for diabetic patients.

    Sedation, good sleep (support for effective insomnia treatment)

    "Effects may vary by user's location"



     Used to use:


    + used for high blood fat:


    - Cholesterol from 5.2 to 10mml / L: Use 2-4 boxes of fresh lotus leaf.

    Cholesterol> 10mml / L: Use 2-6 boxes of fresh lotus leaf.


    This product is not a drug, no substitute drug treatment.




    + Used for fatty liver:


    Fatty liver level 1: Use 2 boxes of fresh lotus leaves.


    Fatty Liver Level 2: Use 2-4 boxes of fresh lotus leaf


    Fatty liver level 3: Use 4-6 boxes of fresh lotus leaf




    + Program for hypertension, obesity, overweight, weight loss, fat reduction:


    Use 2 boxes / month (2-8 boxes for best results).




    + The program for people who are insomnia, stress, stress:


    Insomnia: Use one to three boxes to get results depending on the condition.


    Stress or stress, use 2 boxes then reduce the dose of 1 box / month maintenance.


    Note: It can be used continuously to prevent liver diseases, blood fat, cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, overweight, insomnia, stress ...


    a. How to use fresh lotus leaf OB


    - One drink a day after dinner.


    - Mix 5g with 120ml of warm water (about 1 tablespoon).


    b. Specification: Box of 75g (use about 15 days)




    - Store in cool, dry place, temperature 20-25 degrees Celsius, avoid direct sunlight. Bottles that have opened the lid should be stored in a refrigerator cooler.

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