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Mentholatum Scar Z Solution 12g Cream | Stretch Mark | Keloid | Concave Scar - Saigonmade

    Mentholatum Scar Z Solution 12g Cream | Stretch Mark | Keloid | Concave Scar

    • Weight: 12g
    • Origin brand: Japan
    • Made in Vietnam

    Description :


    Mentholatum SCAR Z Solution 12g with exclusive formular from Rohto Japan, containing Centella Asiatica Extract 1% and Collaplus , Allantoin, Vitamin C,B3 actuates the flattening, fading and color-correcting process of the scars.  



    Centella Asiatica Extract 1%, Collaplus (Hydrolyzed Soy Protein), Allantoin:

    Stop the chaotic proliferation of wounded cells, stop the formation of keloid.

    Activate the process of creating collagen fibre and elastin, improve concave scars. 

    Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Sodium Hyaluronate:

    Moisturize skin.

    Improve blood circulatory system, stop creating new scar mound.

    Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Vitamin C:

    Stop creating and fading melanin

    Activate the new cells creating process.

    DOSAGE :

    Gently apply Mentholatum SCAR Z Solution to affected areas 2-3times a day.

    It is best to use this product right after the wound is dry. 


    WARNING : 

     Stop using if this product is not suitable for your skin. 



    Store at dry, cool place (under 30°C).

    Protect from direct sunlight. 

    Keep out of reach of children.

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