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ROHTO MELANO CC Whitening Anti-Spot Essence 20ml With Vitamin C & E JAPAN - Saigonmade

    ROHTO MELANO CC Whitening Anti-Spot Essence 20ml With Vitamin C & E JAPAN

    • Tube of 20ml
    • Brand: Rohto
    • Made in Japan

    For you need a product to brighten the skin color, darken brown, brown spots, prevent acne


    VitaminCMelano CC Rohto is effective in preventing rapid deterioration, reducing the production of melanin pigment - the cause of bruising. In addition, Melano CC also added vitamin E to the skin, healthy skin, moisturizing, anti-acne and skin lightening from the inside.


    Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - a powerful antioxidant that is resistant to free radicals and is a prominent ingredient commonly used in skin whitening products, to treat hyperpigmentation, sealing pore, improving and preventing scarring, acne formation, regeneration of new healthy skin cells, thus helping to maintain a fresh, radiant skin over time.


    This product of Rohto Japan is highly appreciated for its anti-acne, melasma and freckles.


    The effect of #ServenieaminC Melano CC Rohto


    ? Combination of vitamins C and E helps to prevent the production of melanin (the cause of dark spots, freckles).

    ? Prevent acne, rash.

    ? Keep skin clean, moist, healthy.

    ? Research shows #CCMelano is 10% better than the same product

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