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Anti - Motion Sickness Herbal Patch | Ariel TDDS | Nausea, Vomit | NEW !!! - Saigonmade

    Anti - Motion Sickness Herbal Patch | Ariel TDDS | Nausea, Vomit | NEW !!!

    • To prevent Motion Sickness Symptom
    • Famous brand in Viet Nam
    • Made in Vietnam


    "Ariel TDDS patch is the best choice to prevent motion sickness when taking by Bus, Airplane, Vessel... Elegant skin-colored and very light as well. It is a very useful traveling accessories for someone who has emotion sickness symptoms."


    To prevent Motion Sickness Symptom like dizziness, nausea, vomit, headache.

    Dosage and Usage:

    Adult: 01 Patch / 72 hours. For children from 8-15 years old and adult who has weight lower than 40 kg: ½ patch / 72 hours
    Apply behind the ear from 1-4 hours before traveling. After usage, need to clean by soap, if traveling more than 03 days, need to change new patch and change to another ear (not the same ear)
    Please do not use OVERDOSE


    Sensitive to active ingredients. People who have eye disease. 
    Pregnancy under 03 months, Children under 08 years old.


    Be careful when using for Old People, Liver & Kidney People. Do not use with Alcohol, Histamine Drug

    Other effects:

    Someone might feel sleepy, dry mount. If feeling bad, please remove this patch
    2 years from manufacture date

    Shipping Time Country Tracking Information
    7-15 days USA, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan,… Tracked
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