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Mask From Coconut - Moisturizing & Softening - Natural Mat Na Dua Cuu Long 7pcs - Saigonmade

    Mask From Coconut - Moisturizing & Softening - Natural Mat Na Dua Cuu Long 7pcs

    • Box of 7 pcs Mask from Coconut
    • Brand: Cuu Long
    • Made in Vietnam

    First, for the old coconuts after passing the thorough selection process, their water will be taken and put into fermentation vessels with the impact of Acetobacter. Products formed after fermentation are a cellulosic biomass and the natural nutrients good for skin health as proteins, lauric acid, cyrokinin, and minerals€¦ Each mask is a transparent thin-film and packed in a sealed aluminum bag, completely without using paper or fiber towels to form shaped molds like common masks on the market. This has been the result of our search and creativity efforts after over 10 years, to offer consumers natural products of high quality.


    Cuu Long coconut masks are pure natural, chemical-free, hypoallergenic for skin, and very safe to use. These products are useful for cleansing, moisturizing and lightening naturally. This standard has been tested many times by Ben Tre Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics testing Center, and granted the registration numbers of quality by Ben Tre Department of health. In particular, products have no grease material, thus they don€™t clog the skin surface when using. The more the long time is used. The more the mask clings to the skin, covering the entire face. Thus, the nutrients will be absorbed into the skin to reach the highest efficiency.



    Coconut milk 90%, 10% Acetobacter enzyme



    Clean the skin, keep skin moist, smooth and bright


    How to use: 

    - Wash your face clean

    - Take the product cover and squeeze over the skin face, from 20 to 25 minutes then remove and wash again with cold water

    - Use from 3 to 4 times every week good for the skin

    - Use for all types of skin

    - Note: Each mask is single used

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