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LANUI STRESS FREE Herbal Tea Helps Calm, Sleep Well - Tension Free 20 Packs/box - Saigonmade

    LANUI STRESS FREE Herbal Tea Helps Calm, Sleep Well - Tension Free 20 Packs/box

    • 20 packs / box
    • Brand: LANUI
    • Made in Vietnam

    Stress Free herbal tea helps calm, sleep well - Tension free (20 packs / box) balance relaxation, reduce stress and fatigue.


    Relaxing, reduce stress and tired


    Emotional disturbances (sadness, angry, lack of fun in life)

    Hypertension, anti-heart arrhythmia


    Objective use:

    Tensions; insomnia, non-deep sleep; arrhythmia; headache, fatigue.

    Precautions: Pregnant women, consult a doctor before use


    Directions for use: 1-2 bags/time, 2 - 3 times/day, boiled water soaked.



    Lotus heart

    Prevents arrhythmias, improves heart muscle status and improves circulation and circulation


    Passion for flowers

    Effect of the heart, anxiety, nervous anxiety, hypothermia, detoxification, good.


    Passiflora foetida

    Increasing the amount of blood stored in the brain, the heart, and stabilizing the neurological state.



    Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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