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Lanui Herbal Tea Help Rejuvenate The Kidney - Stamina (40 Caplets / Box) - Saigonmade

    Lanui Herbal Tea Help Rejuvenate The Kidney - Stamina (40 Caplets / Box)

    • Box of 40 tablets
    • Brand: LANUI
    • Made in Vietnam

    Lanui herbal tea helps to rejuvenate the placenta - Stamina (40 caplets / box) helps support the treatment of sexual dysfunction and depression, decreases libido, infertility, protects liver cells; Increased detoxification function of liver and kidney.

    Ingredients and uses:

    - Ginseng

    Increases the recovery of body functions, is a comprehensive vitamins

    An anti-aging effect, promoting the metabolism of the cell

    Helps to maintain good health, reduce fatigue

    - Tribulus terrestris

    Pericardium has the effect of improving male hormones

    Support for treatment of congestive disorders, especially after middle age

    - Schisandraceae

    Sedative effect, increased activity of kidney physiology - bladder, respiratory stimulation, regulate blood circulation

    Protection of liver cells, lowering the liver enzymes


    Objects to use:

    Men with sexual dysfunction

    Elderly suffer from depression

    Rehabilitation after a serious illness, fatal

    Persons with high liver enzymes due to viral hepatitis, alcohol, drugs affect liver function


    How to use:

    1-2 times a day, 2 tablets/time



    Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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