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Lanui Herbal Tea - Panacea Reduce Blood Fat, Excretion Of Liver Toxins 40 Caps - Saigonmade

    Lanui Herbal Tea - Panacea Reduce Blood Fat, Excretion Of Liver Toxins 40 Caps

    • Box of 40 tablets
    • Brand: Lanui
    • Made in Vietnam

    Main uses:

    Improves body metabolism and promotes energy, improves physical fitness, relieves fatigue.

    Immune mediator: Prevent infection by bacteria or virus, remove harmful substances in the body.

    Stabilize blood sugar, reduce blood fat, anti-atherosclerosis, regulate blood pressure, increase the excretion of liver toxins.

    Limit old age, improve digestive function, help the body to eliminate toxins effectively


    Ingredients and uses:


    Regulate the immune system, prevent disease, stabilize blood sugar

    Stomach stability, anti-dyslipidemia

    Strengthen the activity of the liver and kidneys

    Boosts energy for all cellular activities - Prevents fatigue due to increased ATP (adenosine triphosphate)


    Red ginseng

    Stimulates brain activity

    Reduces the aging process

    Strengthen resistance

    To inhibit the growth of cancer cells

    Glucose stabilization, prevention of diabetes mellitus

    Stabilize the fatty components in the blood

    Dissolve and protect the liver cells


    Lingzhi red

    Improve the immune system, prevent infection of the virus, bacteria.

    - The nervous system helps relieve stress fatigue, help calm, reduce the effects of caffeine, relax muscles. Support for a headache, insomnia.

    - Cancer: inhibits the growth of cancer cells;

    stabilize blood sugar.

    - Cardiovascular system: reduce blood cholesterol, support the heart, reduce sclerosis into blood vessels, promote blood circulation.

    - Improves digestion, anti-constipation


    Objects to use:

    People suffer from reduced resistance, easily tired, overworked

    Recovery after the severe illness

    People with diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, elevated liver enzymes in viral hepatitis, alcohol ...

    Support for cancer treatment


    Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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