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LANUI Gota Herbal Helps Relieve Pain, Prevent  Arthritis (Gout), Kidney Stones - Saigonmade

    LANUI Gota Herbal Helps Relieve Pain, Prevent Arthritis (Gout), Kidney Stones

    • Box of 40 tablets
    • Brand: LANUI
    • Made in Vietnam

    Gota Lanui - Gota herbal tea supports the treatment of hyperuricemia, helps relieve pain, anti-inflammatory (Gout), diuretic,prevent kidney stones.


    Supportive treatment for hyperuricemia

    Helps relieve pain, fight arthritis (Gout)

    Diuretic,prevent kidney stone


    Ingredients and uses:

    - Wolfiporia extensa

    Anti inflammatory, diuretic, protein metabolism stability, fat ...


    - Phyllanthus

    Increased activity of the liver - kidneys, increased bile secretion, increased urine output, prevent the formation of calcium oxalate crystals


    - Orthosiphon aristatus

    Increase urine output, eliminate uric acid, protect the liver


    - Amomum villosum

    Improves the function of metabolism of nutrients, improves digestive function


    - Cymbopogon

    Stabilizing enzymes digest the fat, animal protein. Anti-abdomen pain, reduce gastrointestinal pain, reduce blood uric acid


    Objects to use:

    Patients with metabolic syndrome protein disease (Gout)

    People get joint pain because they eat a lot of protein

    People with kidney stones, early chronic kidney disease


    Usage: 2 times a day drink 2 tablets, drink after 30 minutes.

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