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Lanui Herbal Tea Detoxify The Liver - Cleanse Helps To Enhance Liver Function - Saigonmade

    Lanui Herbal Tea Detoxify The Liver - Cleanse Helps To Enhance Liver Function

    • Packing: Box of 20 packs x 2gr
    • Brand: Lanui
    • Made in Vietnam


    Supports liver function: Liver detoxification, hepatocellular protection, antibacterial.

    Fever, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal: Limit the development of bacteria - the virus through the respiratory tract.

    Treatment support: Viral fever (Dengue hemorrhagic fever, rash).


    Objects to use:

    Bacterial viral encephalitis, dermatitis, allergic reactions, urticaria (viral rhinitis, rash, food allergies)

    Urinary tract infections (urinary incontinence, urine), cholangitis (dark color, full bloating, jaundice)

    Poor liver function due to high alcohol consumption, toxic drugs on the liver.


    Ingredients and uses:


    Increased excretion secretion and bile, help purify the body, anti-toxic, cool



    The diuretic effect, detoxification, and laxative increase effective kidney filter



    Stimulates digestion, anti-allergy, anti-inflammation, detoxification


    Centella asiatica

    Anti-allergy, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory


    Eclipta prostrata

    Detoxify the liver, protect liver cells, antibacterial, detoxify, stop bleeding, diuretic


    Imperata cylindrica

    Lower heat, blood stasis, urinary dysfunction, hemostatic



    1-2 bags 2-3 days, soaking boiling water



    Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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