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Sex Pill Hamer Ginseng Amp Coffee Candy Enhancer Harder For Men 100 Authentic - Saigonmade

    Sex Pill Hamer Ginseng Amp Coffee Candy Enhancer Harder For Men 100 Authentic

    • USA brand
    • Pack of 4.3 gram
    • Made in Malaysia

    Candy is developed by Sino-USA Technology using excellent technology to perfectly combine the extraction of Cynomorium songaricum polysaccharide with hydrolyzed amino acids to accomplish the best curative effect. The therapeutic effect of Cynomorium songaricum extracted from this advanced technology far exceeds those normal Cynomorium songaricm.


    Hamer contains Cynomorium songaricum which is rich in 15 types of amino acids, triterpene sapogenin, natural glucocorticoid hormone, 23 types of trace elements and various types of antioxidant. Sufficient intake of amino acids will improve our body€™s function and maintain a healty and happy life. Amino acid will be consumed during daily metabolism. Using supplement of amino acid from Hamer especially during exercise, will quickly make your body more active and strong.




    Cynomorium Songaricum is parasitic on the roots of salt-tolerant plants, mainly species of Atriplex, the €œsaltbushes€� (for C. coccineum) and on Nitraria sibirica (for C. songaricum). The plant has no chlorophyll; the fleshy red stems or spikes have tiny scarlet flowers. Its active constituents have not been fully analyzed, but cynomorium is known to contain anthocyanic glycosides, triterpene saponins, and lignans. Pharmacology experiments are in the early stage, with attempts to demonstrate a hormonal effect that would explain its use in impotence (its current main application in commercial products), as well as findings that the herb extracts inhibits HIV, lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow in laboratory experiments.






    Brown Sugar is a sucrose sugar product with distinctive brown color due to the presence of molasses. It is either in unrefined or partially refined soft sugar consisting of sugar crystals with some residual molasses content, or it is produced by the addition of molasses to refine white sugar. Brown sugar contains from 3.5% molasses (light brown sugar) to 6.5% molasses (dark brown sugar). The product is naturally moist from the hyproscopic natura of the molasses and is often labeled as €œsoft€�. The product may undergo processing to give a product that flows better for the industrial. The addition of dyes and/or other chemicals may be permitted in some areas or for industrial products. Particle size is vvariable but generally less than granulated white sugar. Products for industrial use (eg. The industrial production of cakes) may be based on caster sugar which has crystal of approximately 0.35mm.


    Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seed of coffee cherries that grow on trees in over 70 countries, cultivated primarily in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Green unroasted commodities in the world. Due to its caffeine content, coffee often has a stimulating effect on humans. Today, coffee is the third most popular drink in the world, beside water and tea.


    Enzymes are proteins that catalyze (ie, increase or decrease the rates of) chemical reactions. In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process are called substrates, and they are converted into different molecules, called the products. Almost all processes in a biological cell need enzymes to occur at significant rates. Since enzymes are selective for the substrates and speed up on a few reactions from among many possibilities, the set of enzymes made in a cell determines which metabolic pathways occur in that cells. Like all catalysts, enzymes work by lowering the activation energy (fat) for a reaction, thus dramatically increase the rate of the reaction. As result, products are formed faster and reactions reach equilibrium state more rapidly.

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