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Meishoku Place Whiter Whitening Eye Cream With Placenta 30g - Saigonmade

    Meishoku Place Whiter Whitening Eye Cream With Placenta 30g

    • Tubes of 20g
    • Brand: MEISHOKU
    • Made in Japan

    Eye Cream Meishoku PlaceWhiter Medicated Whitening Eye Cream 30g


    Japanese Meishoku Eye Cream 30g extra white placenta + vitamin E moisturizing effect on the skin around the eyes, eye wrinkles, puffiness and extreme anti-aging.


    Usage of Meishoku eye cream:


    Containing high concentrations of placental complexes for healthy eyes with 2 main effects: intensive treatment and anti-aging.



    The placenta extract and vitamin E penetrate deeply into the skin, preventing the production of melanin, which causes skin pigmentation problems, helping to brighten the skin around the eyes, and prevent dullness.


    The placenta and vitamin E are also known for their excellent antioxidant and anti-aging properties. They promote metabolism and increase blood circulation under the skin.

    Treatment of dark circles, prevent the appearance of brown spots, brown spots.

    Improved fine lines, fine line caused by dry skin, poor circulation blood.

    Thickening cream, excellent moisturizing properties with collagen, glycerin.

    Extract from the seeds helps to whiten, moisturize, prevent the roughness of the skin.

    Provides moisture, elasticity, eliminates fatigue for the eyes.

    Reduces sagging, tightens the skin around the eyes.

    For a fresh feeling when used, with a pleasant aroma.

    Good for the area around the mouth.


    How to use Meishoku eye cream for newbies:


    Apply to the final step when skin care (after moisturizer).

    Grab a little Meishoku eye cream same size with the rice to the tip of your finger.

    Apply to the skin around the eyes or mouth.

    Massage the skin around the eyes, thoroughly massage the dry skin, crow  feet or dark circles.

    Best use twice daily in the morning and at night.

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