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Kobayashi Seiyaku NAISHITORU Z 315 Tablets Diet Supplement From Japan - Saigonmade

    Kobayashi Seiyaku NAISHITORU Z 315 Tablets Diet Supplement From Japan

    • Box of 315 tablets
    • Brand: Kobayashi
    • Made in Japan

    The Naishitoru Z 5000 capsule is extracted from 18 natural herbs, suitable for people with severe constipation, who are overweight, obese. The active ingredient of 5000mg (Windproof TsuKiyoshi Chi-ryo) boosts the burning of fat in the body such as the buttocks, thighs and especially in the abdomen while reducing the amount of fat absorbed. Daily food into the body, help you own a balanced body, toned body and a healthy body 

    The weight loss capsule Naishitoru Z 5000 supplements the body abundant energy. In addition to the essential nutrients Naishitoru Z 5000 supplements vitamins such as: vitamins D, B6, B12, calcium, folic acid, ... and minerals work to provide energy for the body to operate without It helps the body to stay healthy during weight loss and skin beauty, giving the baby a fresh look. 

    With its natural herbal ingredients, weight loss pills, belly fat reduction 85 do not cause side effects, products are administered by the Japan Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health Japan certified as safe for health. 

    Mechanism of operation:

    Reduce appetite, limit fat absorption, eliminate toxins in the body, cure constipation, dermatitis, acne, acne, smooth skin. you drink a lot of water, increase the energy. 


    Not for pregnant or lactating women

    People are using laxatives 


     3 times a day, 5 tablets/times a day before eating

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