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Flaffe Consoc Squirrel Instant Ice Milk Coffee Vietnam 288g (18 Sachets X 16g) - Saigonmade

    Flaffe Consoc Squirrel Instant Ice Milk Coffee Vietnam 288g (18 Sachets X 16g)

    • Box of 288g (18 sachets x 16g)
    • Brand: Flaffe
    • Made in Vietnam

    The squirrels eating always choose the ripe coffee, juicy then bring this ripe coffee to the nest and do not eat quickly that retain and preserve, habitually creates coffee line called squirrel coffee.

    Habit of hiding coffee bean into their secret place is the same as the Weasel choose to eat fruits that this has been widely known.

    Coffee trees are cultivated in good condition will produce the sweetest fruit flavor. In this habit of squirrels show us the meaning of the selection of good fruits, grown in areas with good climate and soil condition for the clean fruits.


    Put a pack of black instant coffee into the cup.

    Pour 75ml of hot water (80°C - 100°C) and stir well.

    Enjoy coffee

    Storage: Keep in dry, cool place.

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