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COLLAGEN ADIVA | Reduce rough skin | Prevent joint diseases |Box of 70 capsules - Saigonmade

    COLLAGEN ADIVA | Reduce rough skin | Prevent joint diseases |Box of 70 capsules

    • Package: Box of 70 capsules
    • Origin brand: Vietnam
    • Made in Vietnam


    Reduces dryness, rash, fades wrinkles, minimizes, prevents joints, bones, cartilage.
    Dissolve dry skin: Helps retain the water underneath the skin, providing the moisture needed by the skin from deep inside. Improves dry skin condition in just 3 months of use.
    Improves skin tone: Provides moderate and sufficient collagen to help improve skin tone, smooth skin, lighten, smooth whole body after 6 months of use. Helps restore skin tones for postpartum women effectively.
    Preventing and reducing wrinkles: Supplementing collagen deficiency helps fill the wrinkles, eyes, mouth, wrinkles on the face, neck effect. After 6 months of using wrinkles are filled up significantly. Helps skin tighten, fill wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin.
    Increased sebum and arthritis: Helps to increase sebaceous glands in the joints to help move more easily, reduce arthritis effectively.

    Ingredients in each bottle of ADIVA Collagen 70 tablets:

    100% Natural Collagen Peptide, Vitamin C, Znic


    ADIVA collagen contains 100% bio collagen peptide imported directly from Germany. * Collagen peptide is the patented and best-selling collagen in the world.
    Absolutely no use of preservatives
    ADIVA collagen contains the ideal collagen content to provide adequate and sufficient for the body every day
    The product is tested and guaranteed by Ministry of Health standards.

    User manual:

    - 18 years of age and older: Stage of skin prone
    At this age, your skin is susceptible to damage, especially acne lesions and scarring on the skin. Daily use of ADIVA collagen helps to deepen dark spots, prevent and restore acne scars, help skin surface naturally bright
    - 30 years of age: collagen deficiency stage
    During the age of 30, most women will notice the appearance of crow's feet, wrinkles in the eyes and facial skin that appear noticeably due to collagen deficiency. Daily ADIVA collagen enhances skin elasticity, firmness, firmness, smoothness, crease resistance, anti-dryness, anti-aging, assist in dulling the skin. best skin.


    Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

    Commit to only sell products long-term use.

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