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Ca Gai Leo | Solanum Procumbens Detoxification, Support Treatment Of Hepatitis B - Saigonmade

    Ca Gai Leo | Solanum Procumbens Detoxification, Support Treatment Of Hepatitis B

    • Specification: Powder 75g
    • 100% real Solanum procumbens
    • Made in Vietnam

    Solanum procumbens, a popular herb used in folk medicine, have been clinically proven to be effective in protecting liver cells, helping to reduce the concentration of the virus, moving the virus from activity to activity. inactive. Supportive treatment for cirrhosis and liver damage without side effects. But if used incorrectly or processed in the form of dried tea to drink tea every day will lose the active ingredients in Solanum procumbens, thus losing the ability to protect the liver, support the disease. liver of the Solanum procumbens.


    - Solanum procumbens extract ......................... 75g - Maltodextrin  


      - Helps protect the liver, enhances liver function in cases: Hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes.  


      - People with liver function decline due to hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes - Many alcoholics smoke cigarettes    

    Instructions for use:

    Treatment for liver function enhancement, cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, high liver enzymes. - Date of use 5g mixed with 120ml of warm water. Take 1 hour before or after eating 2 hours.   Alcohol detox. - Mix 5g with warm water before drinking and 5g after drinking  


    Store in cool, dry place, temperature from 20 - 25 oC, avoid direct sunlight. Bottles that have opened the lid should be stored in a refrigerator cooler
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