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Acnes C10 Vitamin C 15ml Scar

    Acnes C10 Vitamin C 15ml Scar Amp Black Spot Solution Anti Acne Mentholatum

    • Volume: 15ml
    • Contains 10% pure natural Vitamin C
    • Origin brand: Japan


    Ethoxydiglycol, propylene Glycol, N??c, Ascorbic Acid, Chi?t xu?t Grapefruit, Flavor. 


    Strong oxidation, capable of responding to many problems of the skin such as removing the black spots on the skin (the old horny layer), inhibits the formation of melanin, bright white skin, blurred darkening.

    Promotes the formation of collagen fibers to lift the skin at the bottom of the scar, filling scars.

    The product should be able to generate a mild but safe stinging sensation. 


    No oil, no preservatives.

    The unique formula contains 10% pure vitamin C, which helps to fade and inhibit the formation of melanin, causing acne blemishes gradually. Promotes the formation of collagen fibers so that the acne scars become smooth. SP penetrates deep inside the epidermis to remove the old horny layer, causing black spots on the skin, giving the skin a bright white, smooth.

    Highlights of the Acnes C10 come from the double power infiltrate (DPI) formula with the ethoxydiglycol delivery component, which helps the vitamin C penetrate deep into the epidermis and into the meso. Vitamin C also promotes the formation of new elastin and collagen fibers, so that the collagen binding also becomes firm, which allows the muscles to grow, the scars on the skin gradually fill up.

    Containers made of special materials to minimize the impact of sunlight on the solution inside. 

    User manual:

    Apply 3 - 4 drops of solution to the area of ?? deep scar, 2 times per day. 


    Store in cool, protected from sunlight, always close the lid after use.

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